Christmas party 2020

 What an awesome way to end the year! On Wednesday we had our Arohanui Christmas party at the Sebel trinity Warf. There were circus performers and a DJ. I really enjoyed having my sister Ashley there with me. I had so much fun. 

Bloke BBQ

 I had a great time hanging out with the guys at the Yatton park guys BBQ . We had a great time doing demos of fake farting and drinking ginger beer. 

Funny faces in computers!


Flying high

 I had a lovely day visiting the Classic Flyers Museum and later eating lunch at the airport, watching the planes land and just before we left the fire engine came out and shot off some water just for us. 

Glow show!

 I had a great time at the glow show. The puppets and lights really caught my eye! I liked the music!

Calf day

 Last Friday I went to Oropi School to their agri day. I really enjoyed seeing all the calves, lambs and chickens. There was even a pony dressed as a unicorn. It was a lovely warm day and I had a good time.